The Most Hilarious Must See Windshield Notes

Published on January 20, 2018
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There are two types of people behind the wheel. The first type is what we like to call the “nonchalant” driver aka the calm, cool, and collective person. This person rarely seems to be concerned with traffic jams, entering a full parking lot, they sing out loud, play the air drums, could care less about a horrid parking job, and really couldn’t care about dealing with the driver behind horrid parking job. Now the second type, the “adrenaline junkie”, takes all of these factors, flips them in reverse, and brings them to a different level, a level that involves cruel (often hilarious) windshield notes, auto insurance, sweat and tears, a car insurance quote… just pretty much anything that is simply unnecessary to the situation. Between the back-and-forth pacing, pushing of the car in attempt to re-position it, and the angrily waving of hands, the adrenaline junkie gets quite the good work out in; hands down the cheapest, yet most ludicrous, weight loss program seen today! Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of what we’re talking about.

Baby On Board.

Okay so, from the looks of the picture the parking job isn’t too terrible right? We’re wondering if “a mom” would have written this note if the infant wasn’t with her. Either way, we are happy that she took the time to black out the words, especially since she had an infant with her.

A Mom

A Mom.

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